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Download Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game]

Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game]

Drop coins and collect gems! Become the Jewelry Princess!

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad

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Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game] 1.7.1

Requirements:2.1 and up

Sparkle Drop! [Fun&Free Coin game] 1.1.3

Requirements:iOS 4.2 or higher


quot;Sparkle Dropquot; is a free coin game.Become the Jewelry Princess
Drop coins and collect gemsBecome the Jewelry Princess
quot;Sparkle Dropquot; is a free and simple coin game.Collect gems by pushing coins into the target area.Use your gems to create beautiful jewelry
How to play
Drop coins by tapping or swiping the screen
Catch the falling gems
Create jewelry with gems you39;ve collected
Enjoy the jewelry collection and become the Jewelry Princess
Twelve kinds of gems can be collected; e.g. diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, etc.
Use your gems to create your own jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and tiaras
Enjoy your jewelry collection by rotating your pieces in different angles.
To complete your jewelry collection, try to create every type of accessory.
Unlock all the secrets and receive the Grand Tiara
Create the Tiara and become the Jewelry Princess
Sparkle DropFeatures
Free to play
Easy game play
Even if you run out of coins, you can wait for more up to 50
Special coins help you collect coins faster For example: 2 coins, 5 coins, ? coins, Squeeze bonus, Metamorphosis coins, etc.
Dazzling 3D jewelry
Beautifully designed Sparkling gems
Howto guide for Sparkle Drop
How do I create every piece of jewelry?
Some jewelry requires that you create two or more of another type of jewelry first. Here39;s a hint: if the silhouette of desired jewelry is the same shape as another piece you39;ve created, try creating another one
For example: Here39;s how you get the Rose Earrings Gold
First, create two sets of Heart Earrings Platinum, and then you will be able to create the Rose Earrings Gold
Other kinds of jewelry have prerequisites, i.e. you must create a other jewelry first.
For example: Here39;s how you get the Antique Necklace
First, create the Ribbon Ring, Pink Diamond Ring, Aquamarine amp; Sapphire Ring and Openheart Necklace, and then you will be able to create the Antique Necklace.



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